Yahoo adult sites

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Yahoo adult sites

A site written entirely in java, for example, is unlikely to be accepted. If the language of your site is something other than English, you are strongly advised to have a translator available. may decide not to include your site in the directory if it’s packed full of dead links. also expects your site to be up and running around the clock, so make certain your site is using a reliable server.While the translation service might not be enough to ensure inclusion, it certainly would help your cause. staff members very quickly, it is advisable to check all of your site’s links. Be sure to have no pages “under construction.” The Yahoo!

For a non-refundable, annually recurring fee of 9.00 US (0.00 US for Adult sites), Yahoo!

That annual fee is something to keep in mind when you apply.

Make certain the annual fee is worth the potential results. When you have found, what you think is the suitable category for your website submission, click on the “Suggest a Site” button.

If your site isn’t listed in the Google search engine, becoming listed in directories is a great way to get your website crawled by the Google spider.

Other search engine spiders crawl the major directories, on a regular basis, as well. Directory is crawled on a regular basis by the search engine spiders, including the Google spider. Express Directory inclusion, is to provide fast paid directory entry for business sites.

Another option for partially completed sites, if speed of entry is important, is to remove all unfinished pages. Free inclusion is similar in many ways to the Express entry to the Yahoo! It is still worth your effort to submit your non-business site to the Yahoo! But remember that there are absolutely no assurances of success.

How to Submit a Non-Business Site for Free To begin your free submission, be sure to check if your website is already listed or not.

Should your site not be part of the directory, you will have to submit it by hand.

Search through the available categories, digging deeper into the subcategories, for the right match for your website.

While most webmasters strive to get their websites listed in the Open Directory Project (DMOZ), there are other important directories available to list your site.

Some of the other important directories, offering both free and paid inclusion, are the Yahoo!

that offer paid inclusion, you have to consider your own budget and traffic requirements. Each of the major directories provide additional traffic to you your site.

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