Xbox 360 updating every game

05-Dec-2019 11:34 by 7 Comments

Xbox 360 updating every game - islamdating com

Its extremely frustrating waiting for a 1.3G download every fortnight.Especially when its not a background update, which has me idling my thumbs which i hate.

A possible work-around would be to attempt to update your console at a more optimal performance time, such as early in the morning (2AM - 10AM), as you are more likely to encounter a receptive updating time with people at school or work.Unfortunately, a new update pops up every two to three weeks (maybe a bit more, maybe a bit less, just depends), and we normally ignore it, but without the update, we can't go onto Xbox Live, so we can't buy any new texture packs or worlds, which we like to do quite often. Do you get a notification for a new update every few weeks and is it the whole 1.3 gb every time?We are thinking it should be much much smaller and we're frustrated to have to wait this long and not be able to use the internet while it downloads, etc.Game updates bring bug fixes, new content, and usually aren’t more than a couple GB in size.If you have questionable internet speed, then I recommend connecting an ethernet cable from your console to the router, and your download speed should increase significantly. Our newest Feature Area forum, Clubs & LFG, is now live!

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In addition to title updating issues, it is generally considered faster to install discs offline and then connecting to the Xbox Live network.

This is because Xbox Live will first install any title updates which, depending on network status, may cause slowdowns.

Updates are usually downloaded automatically when one is available.

If your Xbox 360 is not connected to the internet, and you don't have a way to get it online, you can download updates from the various fan communities and apply them manually.

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