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His home was the imposing red sandstone mansion Netherhall, in Largs.Despite offers of elevated posts from several world-renowned universities Lord Kelvin refused to leave Glasgow, remaining Professor of Natural Philosophy for over 50 years, until his eventual retirement from that post.

James was intended to benefit from the major share of his father's encouragement, affection and financial support and was prepared for a career in engineering.

The Hunterian Museum at the University of Glasgow has a permanent exhibition on the work of Lord Kelvin including many of his original papers, instruments, and other artifacts, such as his smoking pipe.

Always active in industrial research and development, he was recruited around 1899 by George Eastman to serve as vice-chairman of the board of the British company Kodak Limited, affiliated with Eastman Kodak.

In 1832, his father was appointed professor of mathematics at Glasgow and the family moved there in October 1833. His sister, Anna Thomson, was the mother of James Thomson Bottomley FRSE (1845-1926).

The Thomson children were introduced to a broader cosmopolitan experience than their father's rural upbringing, spending mid-1839 in London and the boys were tutored in French in Paris. Thomson had heart problems and nearly died when he was 9 years old.

Throughout his life, he would work on the problems raised in the essay as a coping strategy during times of personal stress.

On the title page of this essay Thomson wrote the following lines from Alexander Pope's Essay on Man.He attended the Royal Belfast Academical Institution, where his father was a professor in the university department, before beginning study at Glasgow University in 1834 at the age of 10, not out of any precociousness; the University provided many of the facilities of an elementary school for able pupils, and this was a typical starting age.In school, Thomson showed a keen interest in the classics along with his natural interest in the sciences.The trend has changed from separate chassis frames and “paneled” bodies, first to integral and then monocoque construction of road-vehicle body structures—in the interest of lightweight and high rigidity.mathematical physicist and engineer who was born in Belfast in 1824.Structural design for optimum efficiency involves the best utilization of the body shell in reacting to passenger, cargo and road load inputs with minimum weight penalty.

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    (FYI, we have a whole chapter on this in our new book “He’s Not That Complicated: How to Crack a Man’s Romantic Code to Get the Relationship You Want“) Even the kindest, most well-meaning, most empathetic guy won’t be able to satisfy a woman who acts needy the majority of the time. I would be pretty surprised if you never had a needy guy around you. Making someone else responsible for your emotions is a key ingredient in creating a toxic relationship type dynamic, so it’s very important to guard against doing that (as well as recognize when others are doing that towards you).