Wowjutsu not updating

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Wowjutsu not updating - dating derict

As of 21th of May it has 2.7 speed with 355-524 which bumps its dps from 148.8 to 162.8 , Hunters everywhere Rejoice !

Like, imagine, we could get the cleansed Ashbringer in Wot LK, and it would eventually be the only weapon that could damage Arthas on 1% of HP.Rogues and wars running around with all wep slots filled with legendaries would be stupid. That may be true you do not need ammo, but if you were to use this WITH ammo, your DPS would be threw the roof, If i were to ever get this i would still use arrows for bonus DPS. you can unequip your arrows while grinding, pvp, etc.And yes i know im like the 100000th Hunter that complains but i just got to mention this Well this is a very nice bow , tho i'd like to see a legendary item that drops from bosses for Caster classes too ! I wonder that since the buff says that it does not use arrows then would having arrows equipped actually increase your dps?Thus it has been surmised that Thori'dal is the name of the legendary bow.Most other information is non-specific and unsubstantiated at this time.Like i know about Atiesh , but it's from a quest... Since the bow makes its own ammunition I don't believe it would use your equipped arrows. My first question was why, with the massive amount of Gamers playing hunters, hasn't a legendary bow dropped sooner. The other legendaries make sense, each one has lore behind it, a story explaining what makes it so special, and for a long time there were no real opportunities to Introduce a legendary bow.

It makes sense that The Blood elves would have such a bow as while many races have hunters, the blood elves are famous for having Ranger Lords.That being said, while any melee who takes this over a hunter should be shot, it is a GREAT stat stick ;) Interesting that it doesn't require you to be a hunter to use it.And even though it would be a crime to give it to someone other than a hunter (Unless your raid's hunters already have one) it's not what we say that matters, it's the DKP. is that any Hunter that gets this will rock the damage meters...I mean, the reactions like the one with Atiesh in Malchezaar fight is quite interesting, but it would be better if the legendaries actually affected the gameplay in some way too From Wo WWiki : Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury is allegedly the name of a legendary bow.A European CM stated that a legendary item will be included in patch 2.4 that will "principally benefit hunters," and will be a straight drop like Blades of Azzinoth.Evidently (since it's not on any currently killable boss' loot table, including the penultimate boss), it drops from Kil'jaeden, the last boss in the Sunwell Plateau.