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5th & Madison Aves) Status: Still exists How To Secure A Reservation: Go to Cornell, join the club, pay dues (hot tip: sneak in by going to lower tier affiliate school Wake Forest!

Interesting sidenote: Bateman goes to a place called “Barcadia” in the film. ) Replaced by: Steak Frites How To Secure A Reservation: I wouldn’t worry too much History: Though it was important enough to merit one of my favorite quotes, I can find only find two mentions of Espace online: an ad in a 1989 issue of New York Magazine (“Romance your Valentine in the intimacy of our new, stylish French bistro”), and a follow up article mentioning its demise in 1993. 62nd & 63rd – entrance on 63rd) Status: Gone Replaced by: Park Avenue [insert current season here] (a restaurant whose menu changes by the season) How To Secure A Reservation: Might need Patrick Bateman on this one History: The only mention I could find of Hubert’s (don’t pronounce the T! The excitement created by their restaurants — the Quilted Giraffe, Huberts… 5th & 6th Aves) Status: Gone Replaced by: Alta How To Secure A Reservation: Not hard, but frequently packed History: Opened in 1982, Texarkana was a Cajun-Louisiana-style restaurant that quickly grew to hip prominence.

But everybody’s attention was riveted on a table in the middle of the room where a short man and a tall woman sat nibbling each other’s fingers, oblivious to everything but themselves…

Well, almost everything: they did pay attention to their food.

One fascinating bit about the Four Seasons – pay attention to the windows next time you walk by, which are lined with a sort of hanging gold chain.

If you look closely, you’ll see them ripple rhythmically – yet, there’s no mechanism to cause this.

Though a founder once claimed that “There is no scene anymore…It’s just a bunch of people who go out, uptown or downtown, and look well,” it soon became one of New York’s premiere clubs, with lines stretching around the block. How To Secure A Reservation: Go to Harvard, join the club, pay dues History: Incorporated in 1887, the Harvard Club’s building was designed by Charles Mc Kim, of Mc Kim, Mead, & White in 1894.

Tunnel was shut down in 2001 under Giuliani’s quality-of-life campaign, which also partially led to the downfall of Twilo and Limelight. Originally located in a townhouse on West 22nd Street, Harvard chose the block due to proximity to other such prestigious members-only organizations.The club features a restaurant, hotel rooms, a gym, and other amenities.Address: 89 South Street @ Pier 17 Status: Gone (1986 – 1991) Replaced by: Sequoia How To Secure A Reservation: Just show up (though, er, might want to read the reviews) History: Opened in 1986 by then New Jersey Generals quarterback Doug Flutie, Flutie’s-Pier 17 was a restaurant at the South Street Seaport covering 15,000 square feet, with views of the Brooklyn Bridge.History: The point of the infamous Nell’s nightclub, according to owner Keith Mc Nally, was “a club for rejects, for people who aren’t allowed into other clubs.” Strange then, that Nell’s quickly became famous for its celebrity clientele, much of whom was turned away or forced to wait at in line (and pay the cover).Designed as a British men’s club, New York Magazine’s 1986 description sounds pretty -esque: Nell’s “has preserved some of the more obnoxious hallmarks of contemporary New York nightlife: there are velvet ropes and brass stanchions out front, the doormen pick and choose from among the crowed, and the bouncers can be beligerent.” Address: 6 East 44th Street (btw.But, set in the soulless, superficial, status-seeking world of 1980’s New York finance, name-drops dozens of restaurants and clubs that actually did exist during that era, the elite NYC hot spots where you and I would have absolutely no shot of ever getting in (admit it! Or have the Dorsia’s of the world been replaced by Shake Shacks and Duane Reades? The locations below are presented in the order they appear in the film.

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