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No matter how high your standards for build quality are, the MF A3 preamplifier uses choke regulation of its power supply.While choke regulation -- or more properly, choke filtration -- was common on tube designs, it fell out of use with the introduction of the transistor, primarily because of fashion and the availability of inexpensive higher-value capacitors. Most solid-state components employ a diode-bridge/reservoir-capacitor power supply that charges with quick bursts (120 times a second) as the rectifier diodes switch on and off at the peak and trough of the AC supply.

A chassis ground and an IEC mains socket complete the accommodations. And it is built like a brick outhouse -- a three-seater.The volume control is nicely textured for that favorable "tactile impression" and an inset red LED makes changes in its position readily apparent from across the room.The power button, tape monitor, and six source buttons (phono, CD, tuner, aux 1, SACD, tape) are metal, buffered by latex pads for a luxe feel (and all of them have red LED indicators, again facilitating remote operation).’s dual-mono nature.Adding transformer-like inductors (choke regulation) filters these spuriae almost completely from the power.According to Michaelson, the noise residual left by the choke is close to a pure sine wave, leaving less for the feedback circuit to compensate for.While the circuit runs off the stored energy in the capacitor in between the rapid charging pulses, during those pulses the component is connected directly to the AC grid by way of its rectifier diodes.

As those diodes turn off and on, they introduce "ringing" pulses into the power supply.

A motorized ALPS pot is controlled by the massive volume control knob on the front panel, as well as the remote.

The A3 is a dual-mono design with sizable toroidal transformers (as well as, of course, separate inductive chokes) mounted on the extreme right and left of the circuit board.

is unusual in that signal gain is performed before the volume control.

This ensures lower noise and distortion -- and also allows MF to design in high overload margins by utilizing high-voltage rails.

Tactile impressions are important." is a beautiful preamplifier.

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