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Forget waterboarding -- why not look them dead in the eye and just ask?It's a well-known fact that terrorists are completely unable to lie.

In early September, Obama pushed Congress to pass his American Jobs Act, a bill that contained job creation ideas and had public support. After reading a quick headline about Virginia's law allowing concealed guns in bars, it seemed as though Kilmeade was required to fill about 30 seconds with about 10 seconds of material. I wish I'd been monitoring this show to see what Kilmeade could have done with the former Secretary General's name. favorite themes is that nearly every conceivable economic woe could be solved by merely drilling for more oil on domestic land.

In late February, news broke that a Saudi student had been arrested in an alleged plot to attack the home of former President George W. This enraged Kilmeade and Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr., who had some helpful advice for the Obama administration about how to screen for terrorists: JOHNSON: So we have to understand that obviously America is the beacon of opportunity.

Everybody wants to come here to learn and to live and to do well.

On January 27, while New York was being hit by a massive snowstorm, Doocy reported on the weather from outside the studio while a random man in a polar bear costume danced around behind him.

Although Doocy made the obligatory Al Gore joke, what really made this moment special was that nobody on the show seemed to have any idea how to handle the situation.

Doocy was doing a segment for Outnumbered in order to talk about how Congressional Republicans have enough votes to get their tax bill through the House of Representatives.

Before Doocy could say any more, however, a women intruded his shot by getting in front of him and going on a rant against the bill.

Hidden behind the three friendly, smiling faces of the show's co-hosts Brian Kilmeade, Steve Doocy, and Gretchen Carlson, lie some of the network's most aggressive and unrelenting misinformers.

But just like last year, chief climate change misinformer.

And withprofiling, of course, we can combine the two least effective counterterrorism methods: racial profiling and asking people if they're here to commit jihad.

WATCH: Protester Derails Peter Doocy’s Live Fox News Report on GOP Tax Bill (Mediaite) Fox News reporter Peter Doocy had to deal with some unexpected company today after a protester crashed his live shot on Capitol Hill.

The greatest of these moments came on April 15, when Kilmeade, responding to whether air traffic control should be automated, said: "I mean there's vacuums now, right now, cleaning my area rug in my house. " TO PREVENT TERRORISM Kilmeade's role on the show is usually as the loveable goof.

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    The code also discussed the rights of men and women should a separation occur.