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Since 2010, the event has been organized by LUCERO Productions, led by Carolina Kind and Bruno Gadea.

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Diego holds a Bachelors degree in Information Systems and a Masters degree in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics from Carnegie Mellon University. Aron has partnered with financial institutions to develop product and service strategies using emerging technologies or new acquisitions.Punta del Este provides the ideal natural setting for entrepreneurs, investors and business executives to meet and share their ideas and projects, and do business together.The spirit of the event is to foster the meeting of key stakeholders in the world of technology and business so that they can exchange ideas and strengthen their connections in one of the main seaside resorts in the region.Connecting people and promoting good business opportunities are the essential factors that guide the spirit of this event.Graduated from Technion as a computer engineer and electrical engineer, Aharon Aharon is currently the CEO of the IIA (the Israel Innovation Authority), a public entity that operates for the benefit of the Israeli innovation ecosystem.Zachary Aron has over 23 years of consulting experience, specializing in providing business strategy, operations and technology solutions in the financial services industry. Zachary also serves as one of Deloitte’s FIn Tech leaders including the lead liaison with Silicon Valley Fin Tech accelerators.

His industry focus areas include banking, lending and payments with expertise in the development and rollout of new business lines, products, services and associated operating models and technologies both in the U. Dating back to 2008, #PTM is the realization of a common vision brought together by three leading Uruguayan entrepreneurs: Pablo Brenner, Sergio Fogel and Ariel Pfeffer.

Before that he worked in other companies, including IBM, where he spent 14 years and served as Research Manager.

Diego is an entrepreneur and product developer with extensive background in all things data.

But within the world of the OASIS, he was cruising across the sector in a dilapidated cargo ship based on the Eagle Transporter from “Space 1999”. And half the time she’d do that while wearing her haptic anyway. Of course, the Time Control circuits were just for show and the Flux Capacitor did nothing.

Two egg hunters, or “gunters”, sat across from him discussing their plans for finding Anorak’s Easter Egg. And the real world is crumbling around us while the people obsess over idiotic video games.”“OASIS does tons of good for people,” the techie protested. She lived in a meth-infested tenement, spending what little money she had left from Dad’s will on her stupid obsession.“When Halliday died she went in to overdrive. OASIS could do a lot in its simulation, but it couldn’t make you travel in time. There were numerous areas in the OASIS that were “instance zones”.

Previously, Aharon was the General Manager of Apple Israel.

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