Who is jojo dating right now

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Who is jojo dating right now - who is baby aka birdman dating

Teenage heartthrob and rapper Matty B has pretty much won everyone over with his voice and charm. He asked her mom if he could ask Kate out and they dated for a year!

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No matter the status of their relationship, Matty B and Kate looked like they had an amazing time at homecoming.We're down for whatever makes the two of them happy and keeps them posting adorable pictures together.If you have watched ‘Game Shakers’ then you might be familiar with the faces of the series.The duo’s pairing was considered as hot by a lot of their fans as well. Get the details about her affairs and relationship We would still be talking about the young teenagers’ love right now but sadly they aren’t together now.Reportedly, the couple broke up somewhere near January 2017.Matty BRaps attended homecoming and posted an Instagram picture with his date, Kate Cadogan. Outside of her friendship with Matty B, Kate is a cheerleader at her high school and has a twin brother named Jack.

(Just a warning – it's pretty sweet.) But here's the real question: what's going on between them? Hopefully, we'll learn more about her as #Katty B comes back in full force, just because the two of them are too cute not to obsess over.We don’t really know how the young kids handled their dating phase back then but their relationship didn’t really last long. Similarly, Thomas's relationship with Madisyn Shipman also made the news.Madisyn and Thomas got close in October 2016 resulting in an affair.He gained much popularity when he appeared in Game Shakers in 2015.On the same show, his co-stars are Cree Cicchino and Madisyn Shipman.He's been rumored to date several of his music video co-stars, including Jojo Siwa and You Tuber Ce Ce.

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