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The 73-year-old Star Wars creator began arguing with the crowd suggesting they choose an honest approach to making a living.'You know why I have money and you don't?Instead of spending time doing autographs, I spend my time making movies,' Lucas exclaimed in a video obtained by TMZ.

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"I have thought about this quite a bit, and the tricky part is you almost can’t take any of those pieces out of it now, because each one takes you to the next place.Prowse’s website said he could not attend a forthcoming conference or any "Lucasfilm associated event", adding: "The only thing I've been told is I've burnt too many bridges between Lucasfilm and myself.The Sun newspaper reported that Lucas promised 6ft 6in Prowse he would be seen and heard at the end of the trilogy when Vader's mask is removed, but that in the end another actor was used, upsetting Prowse.But it is a very hard movie to follow.” The footage can be seen as part of the hour-long documentary ‘The Beginning: Making Episode I’ featured on the film's DVD extras.George Lucas had tough words for autograph seekers looking to make money off his signature in NYC on Friday.Flanked by his daughter Stella, 46, the Beatles legend seemed in high spirits as the trio gathered for a bite to eat ahead of their New Year's celebrations.

Sir Paul appeared deep in discussion as he chatted away to Star Wars and Indiana Jones director George as he headed into the swanky restaurant.Many have questioned whether George Lucas — the series creator — would have taken the hero down the same road as JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson, turning Luke into a bitter, reclusive Jedi.Thanks to the newly released instead making Han Solo the central mentor figure.Doug [Chiang] came back and said, ‘Congratulations, James.You got a George ‘Fabulouso’ stamp.’” Lucasfilm executive creative director Doug Chiang is also quoted, saying Lucas apparently loved the bell shape, adding it was reminiscent of original trilogy concept artists Ralph Mc Quarrie’s designs.The actor, also appeared as the Green Cross Code man teaching youngsters to stop, look and listen before crossing the road in the 1970s television campaign, is now no longer invited to cast reunions.