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Despite her dominating nature, Roseanne is a loving mother who works hard and makes as much time for her kids as possible.

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She has always had troubles with weight, inspiring an episode in which she and Dan try to lose weight.

Roseanne eventually co-owns a successful restaurant called the Lanford Lunch Box with Jackie, her mother Bev, Nancy, and later her former boss from the luncheonette, Leon, after Bev sells her share in the restaurant to him.

Roseanne and Jackie, in the last years of the show, win a lottery in excess of 8,000,000.

Roseanne is married to Dan Conner and, when the series begins, they have three children: Becky, Darlene and David Jacob ("D.

J."); a fourth child, Jerry Garcia, is born late in the series.

It is also revealed in the final episode that the character of Jackie had come out as a lesbian during the final season, and that Roseanne knew but had simply always pictured Jackie with a man.).

Born in 1981, DJ is the youngest Conner child for the majority of the series, until Roseanne gives birth to Jerry in season 7. as having a close, brother-like friendship with Becky's husband Mark.

In June 2010, Entertainment Weekly named Roseanne one of the 100 Greatest Characters of the Last 20 Years.

During the final episode, Roseanne reveals that the entire series was written as a book based on her life and family, and she changed certain elements of what she hadn't liked; most notably, during the final season, Dan and Roseanne are shown living apart after Dan cheats on Roseanne, but he had actually died from his heart attack at Darlene and David's wedding near the end of Season 8.

Jackie holds numerous jobs: working in the Wellman Plastics factory for several years until the walkout, then becoming a police officer until she is injured on the job, then becoming a truck driver, then opening The Lanford Lunch Box with Roseanne and Nancy, with her mother as a silent partner.

Jackie often comes up with off-the-wall ideas, but many of her unconventional ideas actually work.

Jackie gives birth to their son Andy two months before she marries Fred.

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