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"It became a joke of how much money we could pilfer from this record label," Oberst tells . They had all this money and didn't know how to run a record label." Recording reportedly costs $15,000, a massive sum for an indie record at the time.

In January, Oberst releases " while Ted Stevens, Todd Fink and Matt Bowen all help out with drums. He also has to borrow money from his father to bail him out of "some shitty stuff." He sells his van to repay him. "I'd love to make a living playing music, but the easiest way to do that is to compromise what you're doing. All I want is to make enough money to live — which is having an apartment and a shitty car." In the fall, he attends the University of Nebraska.

with future members of Tilly and the Wall (Jamie Williams, Neely Jenkins whom Oberst also dates) and the Faint (Clark Baechle).

The band play about a dozen shows and make a few recordings.

His father Matthew is an information manager at Mutual of Omaha, while his mother Nancy is a teacher.

Oberst's father moonlights as a multi-instrumentalist in a local band playing weddings as a supplemental income.

Bill Hoover, a member of local group the Darktown House Band, is in the audience and asks Oberst to come back a few weeks later.

"I had to write enough songs to play a whole set," Oberst tells the blog , Oberst's debut cassette, appears as the first release on Lumberjack Records, a label founded by his brother Justin and his friend Mike Mogis as part of an entrepreneurship class project. After Matthew leaves, the band morphs into Slowdown Virginia.It's pretty embarrassing." He enters high school at the Jesuit-run Creighton Preparatory School, and forms Commander Venus with Tim Kasher (whose other band, Slowdown Virginia, will soon become Cursive) and Matt Bowen (who later joins the Faint). 1995 Lumberjack releases the debut from Commander Venus, . start recording bands in his parent's basement in North Platte, NE. Producing eventually takes precedence over Lumberjack for Mogis, who will later hand over management reins to Nansel.With Oberst still in high school though, their window for touring is limited to summer breaks. Oberst and Clark Baechle form post-hardcore band Norman Bailer with Baechle's brother Todd Fink and Joel Petersen. Oberst leaves soon after, but the rest of the members continue on.He makes his live debut playing the final song of a folk night at Kilgores performance space.The event is organized by Ted Stevens of Lullaby for the Working Class.During this period, Commander Venus also release a four-way split seven-inch with Lux-O-Values, Norman Bailer and Weld.

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