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No persons, places, or events in this book are based on any realistic reality. I don’t like to write stories, but twenty years ago, in the year 2015, I began working for Ms.

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“It isn’t a typical guy show, but it’s interesting.” “My ex-husband watched it all the time,” Abigail said, “so you aren’t alone.” “That’s a relief,” I say, and give her a wink. ” Abigail’s hip presses against mine and doesn’t move. My cock is hard and pressing roughly against my pants. I clear my throat and politely take back the disc and open the case. The back wasn’t glinting in the light shining in from the windows.

“Pound that milf pussy and fill it with your creamy cum!

” I unbutton her pants and panties down, only half way, just far enough to get access to her pussy, and ram my cock into her like a battering ram.

Greedily I curl one hand in her hair making a fist, grab the side of her head with my other and begin to furiously face fuck her. ” Obediently I slap her and head gives a little jerk. I take her by the head and ram my cock into her mouth. I pull out of her mouth and slap her again, only to lift her to her feet and bend her over the counter instead of plunging back into her mouth.

She gags at first but regains control, helping herself along by taking a firm grip on my hips. She takes her hands and furiously begins to stroke. She doesn’t choke this time; instead she takes my hips and opens her mouth as wide as it would go as I fucked her wet mouth. “Fuck that cunt,” Abigail ordered over her shoulder.

She joins my side, and hip graze mine as she reaches across from me and takes the DVD. Setting it on the counter I pop the disc from the case and look it over. There wasn’t that familiar rainbow-colored streak playing across it. “We’ll play it as soon as I take care of one thing.” “What? Abigail whips me around and pushes me against the counter.

“This,” I say and begin feeling for a loose edge; I find it, “is why it didn’t work,” I say, and peel off an almost realistic imitation of the bottom side of the disc. Knowing what she was doing, I carefully sit the disk on the counter and look over my shoulder. “Emma takes long showers, and picking out her outfit, even what she wears around the house takes even longer.” Abigail undid my belt with deft hands and undid my button and fly. She ran her hand along my sizeable bulge and gave it a squeeze. She kissed the head, glistening with pre-cum then took me deep in her mouth.

It gleamed like a multi-colored jewel, even in the dead of night.

My apartment was neat and tidy, the kitchen spotless. The only thing cluttering it was two remotes resting side by side, and my i Phone.

My heart is steady, though I’ll admit that I’m very excited. Be there in an hour.” Before I could say anything Benjamin Jones hung up.

I look at the phone as if it would provide me with answers, blink sharply and pocket it. I parked along Penndelbury Street, across from the Newton Theater and shut off my car. Traffic is heavy, both on the road and on the sidewalks on either side of it. This friend is whom I would have picked to run this investigation if it weren’t for the rules laid out to us.” “I’d have probably picked him too,” I said diplomatically. I couldn’t help but think the look she gives me is a knowing one.

I didn’t care about her; I was focused on the beauty in front of me. She wore a long-sleeved black shirt that gave a hint of her shoulder blades, blue jeans and black shoes. So it is perfectly logical to assume a hacker might have somehow stolen it.” “That’s reasonable to assume. My eyes find her blue ones, and I clear my throat and look away.