What does christianity say about carbon dating

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He got a Masters degree in theology at a very conservative seminary where they work them real good, and he toed the line and he learned all the stuff that he’s supposed to learn, and he moved to China.He’s in China for a couple of years and he basically turned into an agnostic and came within spitting distance of becoming an atheist, which really shook me up. “There is no scientific evidence whatsoever of any miracles ever actually occurring.” And I’m like, “Uh…let me ask my sales manager and get back to you.” I hate it when people ask ‘elephant in the room’ questions.

For example, “We prayed for my sister Debbie and she had cancer, and all of a sudden she didn’t have cancer anymore.” Every now and then, I don’t care where you are in Christianity, you will hear those. It’s called, What this guy did was there was this lady back in the 1970s named Catherine Kuhlman and she would do these healing services.

My husband and I went to a Mormon debate years ago and everytime they were asked something that they could not answer having to do with their doctrines, they would have NEW REVELATIONS.

I hope that I have not confused you very much, but I pray that God through His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will guide you to the Truth.

Kolob has never been identified with any modern astronomical object and is not recognized as an ancient concept by modern Egyptology.

Kolob is rarely discussed in modern LDS religious contexts, but it is periodically a topic of discussion in criticism of Mormonism.

My husband and I of 54 years studied with the Mormons in a 6 week course when we were first married, but we did not become Mormons.

We have since then looked up some of their NEW REVELATIONS of which we do not believe that there are any NEW REVELATIONS, for when Jesus died on the Cross he said “It is Finished” meaning when he was here on earth, he said all he could say, did all that he could do to save mankind from their sins and the ultimate he did was to die for us that we could have eternal life.

God lives and does something for our salvation today and calls His servants the prophets to teach us His minds for this last dispensation and those prophets write it for our benefit for the end is not yet but nigh at hand.

This story starts with my brother Bryan, a tough-questions seminary student.

I wrote in this forum on 9-4-12 and you can read from that, but just letting you know that I believe you became a Mormon because you did not read and study the Scriptures for yourself when you were Catholic of which is common amongst Catholics, but I have found a few Catholics that do study.

I have a daughter-in-law who was raised Catholic and learned to pray, but her family never read the Scriptures, so when she comes to our house for Bible Study, she always makes remarks about how much she is finally learning God’s Word and now she knows what God expects of her for eternal life. In Second Timothy Chapter says “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth”.

There are many things which Jesus did which were not written in that book.