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But he takes a strong stand in specifically identifying Turkey as the region from which the Antichrist will arise. Richardson claimed there are “dozens and dozens of examples which point to Turkey as the head, as the leader of the coming Ezekiel invasion.” “I’m not saying that Erdogan is Gog.But I’m saying we need to be paying attention to Turkey because it’s out of Turkey, this culture, this society, this geography, this region, that I believe we will see the emergence of the Antichrist. But if he’s not, and anyone could, he is certainly emerging as a clear foreshadow of the Antichrist.

Nor is the final Antichrist apt to come out of Turkey.

There are even some reports the failed coup was a false flag operation because of how Erdogan has benefited from the aftermath.

Richardson argues Erdogan is taking on a quasi-divine status in the eyes of his supporters. Richardson concedes Erdogan himself may not be the Antichrist or the Gog of the Bible, who is prophesied in Ezekiel 38 to lead a great war against Israel.

Additionally, the Jewish State must be in receipt of great spoil.

In my estimation, Israel today is not fulfilling these conditions.

While I believe that Bible prophecy shows that Turkey will turn against the USA (cf.

Psalm 83:3-8), that does not mean that the final Antichrist has to be Turkish (that seems quite unlikely as nearly all Turks are Muslim). As far as Bill Salus goes, he is correct that the Mystery Babylon is connected to Rome (for some biblical proof, watch: Mystery Babylon USA, Mecca, or Rome? Unlike Joel Richardson, Bill Salus is also correct that Ezekiel 38 is NOT for now.But he is completely wrong about THE Antichrist being Islamic.And as far as Turkey’s President and Joel Richardson goes, It’s one of the most controversial topics in Christianity.But biblical teacher Joel Richardson, the New York Times bestselling author of “The Islamic Antichrist” and the host of the new teaching series “The Battle for Jerusalem,” says he knows where the Antichrist is going to come from.And a familiar face in the headlines is, at the very least, a “foreshadow” of the Antichrist. “The current president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is consolidating his power, his absolute, autocratic power, his dictatorship over this nation,” says Richardson in a new episode of his online television show “The Underground.” “What’s unfolding in Turkey right now is incredible.” Richardson has been a longtime critic of the Turkish strongman, whose autocratic tendencies have only grown since Erdogan crushed an attempted coup.Since 2001, the government has enforced punishment and penalties on childbirth out of wedlock.

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