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(I guess you could always pause, grab phones, and start the process over to consent to another specific sexual activity—but at some point, you'd actually have to explain what you're agreeing to be Good2Go4.) The message that people need to consent to sex, and that they can withdraw consent, and they probably shouldn’t be totally wasted while they do it is one that college campuses are already administering to their students upon orientation.It may not always be getting though, but it’s not clear how the app (which is now being promoted through campus ambassadors) advances the cause.

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We advocate for ethical care and relational healing for partners, addicts, families and communities impacted by sexual addiction and betrayal trauma.Part of our mission at APSATS is to advocate for the ethical care and relational healing for all those impacted by sexual addiction and betrayal trauma.One way we achieve this mission is through research.If the partner—let’s assume for the purposes of this blog post, partner is a she—indicates that she is “Good2Go,” she’s sent to a second screen that asks if she is “Sober,” “Mildly Intoxicated,” “Intoxicated but Good2Go,” or “Pretty Wasted.” If she chooses “Pretty Wasted,” the app informs her that she “cannot consent” and she’s instructed to return the phone back to its owner (and presumably, not have sex under any circumstances, young lady).All other choices lead to a screen, which asks the partner if she is an existing Good2Go user or a new one.Most interventions were unguided, with only one group receiving a guided intervention.

Effect sizes, where they could be calculated, were small (Cohen's Currently, there are insufficient data to evaluate the effectiveness of online alcohol interventions in reducing sexual or IPV.(Previous users can just type in their phone number—which serves as their Good2Go username—and password.) Once that level is complete, she returns the phone to its owner, who can view a message explaining the terms of the partner’s consent.(For example, the “Partner is intoxicated but is Good2Go.”) Easy, right?All these studies were undertaken in the USA, with three recruiting college students (n = 17,332), and one using an emergency department (n = 262) sample of adolescents.We summarized the characteristics of the samples, the interventions and outcomes for alcohol use and sexual violence or IPV.When I tried this process out with a partner, it took us four minutes to navigate through all the screens, mostly because he kept asking, “Why are we using an app for this? ” (More on that later.) I was confused, too: As the instigator, I wasn't asked to confirm that I wanted to have sex or to state my own intoxication level for my partner's consideration.

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