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They say they have had absolutely no contact with her until she finally got in touch in mid-September, revealed she had split up with the older man she had gone to Mexico with and was now married with three children and was working on a farm in an undisclosed location.

that Connie told officers that in 2004 she left Wausau voluntarily with Freddie and ended up at a party somewhere in the Milwaukee / Chicago area. The police and the family and their friends are at odds over another claim.

Croix County, Wisconsin Circuit Court Tags: District Attorney, Funeral home, Hudson, Murder, St.

Croix County Wisconsin A double homicide that shocked the citizens of Hudson got some resolution in the fall of 2005.

Croix District Attorney Eric Johnson painted a picture of a desperately troubled priest.

Among the evidence: testimony from a young man who alleged that Father Ryan served him alcohol and sexually assaulted him repeatedly during 20; an eyewitness who described a car similar to Erickson’s parked outside the funeral home at the time of the killings; testimony from detectives who said Erickson knew undisclosed crime scene details such as how many bullets were fired (three) and where the victims were hit (in the head); Erickson’s own fondness for guns (he owned 16); and a statement by a deacon from another church who said Erickson had confessed. District Judge Barbara Crabb had dismissed the parents’ complaint in April but allowed the boy’s parents to amend the lawsuit to “save their claims with additional allegations.” However, Judge Crabb wrote in August of 2012 that the new allegations made by the boy’s parents, which include claims for malicious prosecution and constitutional rights violations, “are no stronger than the claims in their original complaint.” This time, Crabb dismissed all of the claims made under federal law and said some claims made under state law could be pursued in state court.

A funeral home director and an employee surprised and killed in the middle of a workday by a gunman who disappeared without taking money or valuables.

In October of 2005, the citizen’s learned more when a judge ruled that the murders were committed by a local Roman Catholic priest who served the town and spoke at the funeral of one of the dead men. Croix County judge found that 31-year-old Father Ryan Erickson murdered the two men to cover his tracks after one of them learned that Erickson had been sexually assaulting a teenage boy.'The Wausau Police Department will work with the FBI and family in an attempt to return Connie and her family safely to the U. Karen Zubke and Judy Weise, of the Lutheran church, also told how Connie had reached out to police in Wausau five years ago, but officers dismissed it as a hoax.Vanished: Connie and her family lived above this bakery in Athens when she struck up a relationship with Ruiz, described by her friends as a 'sexual predator', who claim he should have been arrested when social services became aware of the relationship in 2004Karen said: 'Freddie was a sexual predator and Connie was kidnapped.People ask why she didn't escape sooner considering she was in three different relationships and escaped Freddie, then another abusive man, but no one knows the real situation.'Also, she did contact the police five years ago, but they thought it was a hoax. Maybe the man she was with found out and pressured her into not going through with it.Karen said: 'Connie's childhood wasn't perfect and Cindy didn't have all the assets that maybe she needed, but it is very frustrating that we have to deal with all these sharks who are trying to doubt what happened.She added: 'We all warned her about Freddie, but he was older and was probably telling her everything a 15-year-old girl wanted to hear. When social services got involved they told the family to move half an hour away to Wausau.

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