Warwick dating com

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Warwick dating com

Which of the above images do you think is fake and why?See the fact box at the bottom of the article for the answers There are five sets of images in this article.

One of these images has been changed but which one is it and where?

But manipulations were accurately located in the image 39 percent more of the time than expected by chance.

This suggests people are better at the more direct task of locating manipulations than the more general one of detecting if a photo has been manipulated or not.

Dr Kimberley Wade, study co-author from the University of Warwick, said the study had worrying legal implications.

'People's poor ability to identify manipulated photos raises problems in the context of legal proceedings where photos may be used as evidence', she said.

Only six out of ten images were correctly identified as being manipulated when participants were asked 'Do you think this photo has been digitally altered?

One of these images has been changed slightly but can you spot which one?

TV diva Sarah Jessica Parker and her jealous co-star Kim Cattrall have been at each other’s throats for years.

Imagine yourself dining in an elegantly restored 18th century mansion.

In each pair, one image is real and the other has been modified in some way.

Note down which of the versions of the image is the real one and which has been modified.

You may think you can tell when a friend has airbrushed their photos but a study involving more than 700 people suggests you shouldn't be so confident.

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