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I'll be trying them again tomorrow to find out if there will ever be another catalog - or savings coupons.I agree that if we are faithful to the brand during these difficult economic times, we should be rewarded in some way.

Regards, Glen [ Edit | View ] I too have hundreds of Virginia Slims UPC's and a huge box of empty VS cigarette boxes that I haven't even cut the UPC's out of yet!

[ Next Thread | Previous Thread | Next Message | Previous Message ] Hi Rose, I'm sure that a new catalog will arrive soon.

My wife gets them and she too has a lot of UPC's to use.

If anyone knows if the old catalog is still okay to order from or the best way to contact regarding same, please post!! I actually had the silver satin/pink trim shorts with zipped hooded jacket when I was a senior in high school! I've even run into items being out-of-stock when I send my order in later in the summer. They can be a resource for catalogs as VS will enclose an abreviated version of it inside VS cigarette cartons.

[ Edit | View ] [ To all asking about the Virginia Slims 2009 catalog, I just spoke to a representative who told me that they are no longer excepting the UPCs, hence, no catalog.

Sorry folks, but I hope this message will keep you from going through the trouble I did only to find out we've all been scammed again by yet another big industry.

[ Edit | View ] [ Why is it that we buy your smokes and you people have plenty of money, and you have taked our catalogs.

They are no longer accepting the UPC's at this time. However, they still had some items left over from the '08 catalog, and I was offered one of those "as a reward for being a valued customer." They said they're sending me a set of silicon bake ware, that should ship within 3-4 weeks.

I stated I may as well toss them and she said that was up to my discretion. I was also given the direct contact number (and name) for the person with whom I talked (a very nice lady), and she made a note of the fact that I was disappointed to NOT be able to get a VS catalog this year.

My catalog is from 2007 which I received in the mail, but I had never received a catalog before or since! I have been trying to get current information before mailing in the order with the UPC's thinking it's too late to order from that catalog.

I've been unable to find contact information (even from the catalog I have). ) ~S [ Edit | View ] [ From past experience; No, you cannot order from old catalogs..change items each year.

They used to come out twice a year (spring and fall). Some on this board have been curious as to if there would be a new catalog, because of the new rules regarding advertising. But the merchandise offered can not have the Virginia Slims brand name or VS logo on it.