Vassar college dating scene

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It was a girl speaking about her personal experiences in the college partying scene and why she prefers to eschew them for simple pleasures such as "reading a good book with my morning coffee" and "Cuddling with my boyfriend of two years." Other parts of this article were less heartwarming and more... She stuck her nose up at the party scene saying, "I find it hard to believe that the best years of my life are supposed to be filled with moments that I won't remember When I toured Vassar I was told that "parties aren't really a thing here.People just sort of chill together." I was given false information.

You heard them at dorm parties, frat parties, apartment parties, the campus bar, battle-of-the-bands competitions, and impromptu outdoor settings.They practiced in dorm rooms, dorm basements, conservatory and theater rooms, backyard sheds, and laundry rooms, amusing/irritating neighbors and passers-by.Many college rockers and rappers dreamed of making it big after graduation, maybe even swearing loyalty to bandmates that they would “be in this together.” Others played music just for fun and extrinsic rewards (sex, drugs, rock’n’roll, status, etc.), leaving or breaking up the band by graduation with little regret.Despite being devoid of frats, Vassar is in no way devoid of parties.There are school-run parties, dorm parties, sports parties, club parties and townhouse parties.One party was so overtly devoid of social interaction that I walked into the room, looked around at my peers grinding and drinking and having the times of their lives, and walked out.

It may have been fun for them, but that's just not for me.

"Vassar students will do things in any way but the traditional way," says a sophomore.

"No problem goes undiscussed." "Incredible" study abroad opportunities and a "beautiful campus" don't hurt, either.

However, my motivation to go to parties is fueled by one thing: the desire to meet people. Parties are good for a few things: sloppy hookups, getting wasted and having fun. I have not, however, observed that parties can be a good place to be social or make friends.

In fact, if you want a meaningful connection, you're more likely to find it with the person who sits next to you in your History class than someone you drunkenly hooked up with at a party and forgot completely the next day.

We can't all be lumped as quiet, shy introverts (anybody who knows me knows I am none of those things).

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