Validating xml with dtd

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XML Schema is a considerably more powerful validation mechanism than DTD because it adds data types and more sophisticated structure constraints. One of the more intuitively advantageous aspects of XML Schemas is that they are expressed as XML documents.

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Here is a sample XML instance document that references an XML Schema: ).DOM, XSL and typical SAX processing all inherently rely on this guarantee of well-formed XML documents.A valid XML document is a document that has been proven to follow a set of more stringent rules than those of the XML syntax alone.A Document Type Definition (DTD) defines which elements and attributes you can use inside an XML document. Typically this DTD document is specified inside the XML document. In your DTD you generally have to choose a single namespace declaration method because of the weak namespace support*.

Here’s the DTD from the above sample modified for namespaces declared in two different ways: namespace prefix.

The second part is devoted to the structure or content model mechanism. XML Schema takes a somewhat object-oriented approach to describing the content model of an XML document.

Simple types are combined into more complex types and elements are defined in terms of these types.

XML Schemas provide much greater constraint over both the structure and data types allowed in an XML document.

Relax NG and Schematron are two other validation methods worth being familiar with.

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