Validating character length visual basic 2016

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When a user enters or leaves a field, the following events occur in order: event is ideal for input value validation, as you may write code to check the value presented and display an error message to the user, or prevent the loss of focus from the current control until the value has been corrected. If you set the Cancel property to True during a Validating event when the form is being closed, this will prevent the form from closing.You can use the Closing event of the form to determine whether the form is closing and disable validation in this case, if you like.

I figured I could do this using "Regular Expressions" however I can't figure out how to determine the "at least one occurance" of each. Regex’s are used for pattern matching and you do not have a specific pattern, just several rules.Also a length check of at least 6 characters would be helpful. Function Is Valid File Name Or Path(By Val name As String) As Boolean ' Determines if the name is Nothing. It also does not check if the application has permission to access the file-system resource with the specified name.event occurs after validation has occurred and may be used to perform actions based on the validated values, such as enabling or disabling other controls, as discussed previously in this section.When using the event to retain the focus in a control until a valid input value is received, you may prevent the user from being able to obtain help on what constitutes a valid input value by clicking another control such as the Help button in the toolbar.Table 3.6 details the more important members of the component.

Figure 3.2 A form displaying an example of the Error Provider component.

if it's not the correct length I'd like to have the option to either delete the previous cell's contents or display a message box window telling the user there's an issue. Enable Events = False 'So we don't get an error while clearing Target.

Enable Events = True ' So Excel while function normal again End If Else If Target. Row = 1 Then Exit Sub ' bail if column header If i Len 3 Then 'Replace *Your Value* with your length Msg Box "You have entered an incorrect Value" Application.

Here are the four basic techniques used to validate user input: You can restrict the allowable values within a control by using the properties that we discussed in Chapter 2, "Controls on Forms." In addition to simply restricting input to a selection from a list of values, configuration of control properties may be used in order to further limit possible input values.

Of note are the property of a Text Box or Combo Box control is used to restrict the maximum number of characters the user can input into the control.

Manipulating access properties such as the property of a Text Box control is set to True, it may still receive focus, allowing users to scroll through its contents while preventing changes.