Usr ports updating permission denied

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Usr ports updating permission denied - Sex smal

Below, the vob-tag belongs to the VOB that got deleted or is no longer reachable.

This registration of the user's password is unique to this user if the "Allow all users to see this installation." was used during the NFS Maestro install.The user's group must be in an environment variable called "CLEARCASE_PRIMARY_GROUP".This can be verified by going to Start - Environment or by typing "set | more" on the command-line.The file being worked on must reside below a vob-tag mount point.Even if it's not checked-in (versioned), it is still considered a view-private file and be dealt with using appropriate cleartool commands.If so, check the persmissions on the view's ".vws" directory. If not, you may need to change to a different view or create your own. This error has come up when executing a checkin with a Snapshot View and when doing a CC/DDTS integration.

The work around for this is to shorten the apparent path to the VOB on the UNIX side and redo the vob-tag on the Windows side.

In addition, the solutions may not be the only solution, but the one that was used at the time.

CRVAP0239E Error: CRVSV0078E Error from RPC server: CRVSV0841E 'error detected by Clear Case subsystem Request failed in method Ucm Stream Props::fetch_prop with status 1001(file=\nucor\server\stp\ccrpc\ucmstreamprops.cxx, line=309)' This error occurs when you try to execute a cleartool command on something that is not inside a VOB.

If you have permission to view/modify the registry, ensure the Protection Mode either does not exist (anyone can map a drive) or that it is set to "1" (also, anyone can map a drive).

Double-click on "Session Manager" to see Protection Mode.

You can either copy the file to a vob-tag area, thus creating a view-private file or perhaps if not working on an explicit file, you need to just cd to a VOB. This error occurs when you try to get information on an object that was attached to a VOB that was deleted in a non-standard way or is simply not available at the moment.

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