Updating your xbox 360

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Updating your xbox 360 - Amature video chat

Games with Gold is exclusive to the Xbox 360 and, as of June 2014, the Xbox One.Generally, four games are released each month for approximately two weeks, two for each console.

Once you’ve finished these simple steps, you’ll have an entertainment powerhouse that delivers sound that’s just as great as its images.

, and even supports a direct connection to your cable box, so you no longer have to switch between games and live TV.

All that entertainment is going to sound great, because the Xbox One uses advanced Dolby sound technology to play Blu-ray movies, television, and streaming video in all their surround sound glory.

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Below is a table listing all Games with Gold titles to date.

Each title links directly to the marketplace, where Xbox Live members can log in and “purchase” the games during their free period without having to log into their consoles.

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Connecting an Xbox One to your home theater is simple.

The console has an HDMI Out port and comes with an HDMI cable capable of delivering 4K video and all the surround sound goodness the Xbox One can pump out.

Price” is a game’s current price on the Xbox Store before the free promotion (not the game’s original retail price). Check back each month to see which new games are eligible for Games with Gold.

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