Updating tomtom software

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Updating tomtom software - Sexo chat 3d avatars

This means that the only place to get a "free map" is to "steal a map".Nobody likes to think of themselves as a thief, but copying occupies a “grey area” on most peoples moral compass.

That's why its appears to be almost as expensive to update your old satnav maps as to buy a new satnav.Drivers on all the major roads of Europe, people at computers assembling and adding changes - its a huge industry.Here at Landis Media, we employ 5 people just to update the location and POI information which we supply. However - maps are so much more complicated than locations.A few year ago - tomtom tried to make a move and take the business "high ground".In a bid to guarantee their future (in the satnav market) they tried to buy up (for a world beating 2 billion) the main map maker - Tele Atlas.We are available 24/7 to provide you help with your GPS questions.

It’s important to update your GPS maps, content and software on regular basis.That's because you have a lot of points to make up just one section of road.Maps are now extremely closely linked with satnav's that they are almost inseparable now.Arch rivals to tomtom - Garmin fired back with an anti-monopoly lawsuit to derail the whole thing !Corporate war is not a nice sport and this went around the houses.They get the maps, crack them, copy them and distribute them on the Internet – so we can all use them !

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