Updating tivo software

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We want to ensure that we give our customers the best service we can and have been testing a number of changes to help speed up the boxes.We’ve now started to roll out a new code to all our Ti Vo boxes to help make our TV service quicker, the plan is to complete the roll-out throughout the rest of November.

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The program provides a television interface for DVR, music, and photos on Windows and Linux.When I go into Software Update, I either get Connection to Server Failed or when it does connect I enter 'Yes' to Software Update and it shows 3% complete until it fails after about 1 minute.It doesn't seem to matter how many times I run the Network Connection Test / Software Update, and on different days at different times, it always fails one way or another.The company provides documentation so that these customizations can use a Java API.Built-in EPG support is available only for North America; however, the developer community has developed plug-ins that allow unsupported regions to access EPG info through sources such as XMLTV and ICETV in Australia.Sage TV Media Center for Linux is compatible with most major Linux distributions.

Information on a Gentoo distribution tuned for Media Center usage is available from the Sage TV website.

A "lite" version is commonly shipped as part of an OEM software bundle.

Both the lite and regular versions offer a Java API.

I am blown away by the Freesat and Sky HD pictures, and Blu Ray movies.

I have the 'Normal' picture settings with contrast, brightness, etc, adjusted using the Spears & Munsil HD Benchmark Blu-Ray Edition DVD.

Additionally, there are IMDB and commercial skipping plugins.