Updating thumbnails in iphoto

10-May-2020 13:01 by 4 Comments

Updating thumbnails in iphoto

I found I had an hour or two on the weekend to investigate it further and eventually was able to upload the latest photos from our Italy trip.

This makes the size of the photo drop dramatically too, and reduces the work that the Facebook uploader would do in resizing the photo. [Update ] I tried again on the weekend to upload some photos to Facebook and it still didn’t work reliably.

To give an example, those artists work for companies like 343, Blizzard, Microsoft, Bungie, CCP, Volition, EA, NC Soft, and When I was approached to give an hour long demonstration to students and professionals I racked my brain trying to figure out whether I wanted to do a demo on industrial/mechanical design, character design, or graphic design… The majority of the audience (at best guess) would be students.

Demo’s are valuable but ultimately there are far more qualified (and faster) professionals out there on the internet that have already covered the basics.

Using get Response As Stream instead is recommended.

Upload Exception occured I Googled these errors and didn’t find much but did find a Facebook discussion where others had the same problem.

But I didn’t upload that one and it was fine from then onwards.

I’m pretty sure I’ve uploaded near the maximum of 60 before in one shot before – but this was at my previous place with ADSL2.

Many of you are probably asking yourself, who the heck is this guy?

My name is Mike Vaillancourt and I’m the Art Director for Wild Fire llc (Cthulhu Tech, Chthonian Stars, Poo, Nuts) and Sandstorm productions.

It seemed that the uploader would try to upload the photos, then get near the end, wait for a response from the Facebook server, and then decide to try uploading all the photos again.

Just to rule the browser out of things, I tried switching from Firefox to Internet Explorer.

Lately, I’ve been having much more success uploading to Facebook if I resize my photos first to a maximum width of 1024 pixels and upload smaller groups at a time. I think my mistake above, nearly a year ago, was to upload the photos taken directly by my digital camera.

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