Updating tables through object views in oracle

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Updating tables through object views in oracle - Chatroom sex online bot

You can also create object privilege on the superview.The owner of the schema containing the view must have the privileges necessary to either select, insert, update, or delete rows from all the tables or views on which the view is based.

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To take care of this problem materialized views are updated thus keeping them in sync with the master tables.

Here are several typical scenarios to illustrate how to use sp_SOS: @Db Name is the database name where you want to find object space in SQL Server.

If it's not supplied, it will use the current database.

This is where the CBO comes to play as it now has a choice to use the view to update the table of use the source tables, it calculates the total cost on each taking account for I/O, CPU and memory usage because the materialized has the data already summarized your queries should cost less in resources and hence should run more quicker.

Sometimes the CBO needs a little help in using the materialized view, this is achieved using hints within the statement.

You can even partition them and create indexes on them.

Materialized views take a snapshot of the underlying tables which means that data may not represent the source data.datatypes, nested table, or varray types on top of the existing view mechanism.An object view is a view of a user-defined type, where each row contains objects, each object with a unique updatableobject identifier.There are two types of refresh modes and 4 types of refresh types.create materialized view m_dept build immediate refresh fast on commit enable query rewrite as select * from dept; build immediate – populate the materialized view right away refresh fast on commit – use the fast refresh method using the logs create above enable query rewrite – Oracle CBO will rewrite queries to use the new materialized view.You can use this clause to change the definition of an existing view without dropping, re-creating, and regranting object privileges previously granted on it.

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