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It is capable of blocking incoming and outgoing connections based on IP blacklists.

It is no longer developed, with the latest version released on April 22, 2005.To ensure adequate protection, create a service file named after the original server (i.e.Peer Guardian is a free and open source program developed by Phoenix Labs.Speed and resource inefficiencies were fixed by re-designing and re-coding Version 2.0 in C to consume less processing power and memory.As with most other desktop firewall software for Windows, Version 2.0 is installed as a kernel-level filter in Windows 2000 and later, giving the application direct access to the Windows networking stack and improving performance.By December 2003, it had been downloaded 1 million times. After 7 months of development, in February 2005 Version 2 of Peer Guardian was released as a beta.

The original version was released for free and the source code was made available under an open source license. The development of version 2.0 was led by Cory Nelson, and aimed to resolve many of the shortcomings of Version 1.

It is also open source, allowing for future derivatives by any party.

As its developers reported online, Peerguardian Lite is now continued under the project and program Peerblock, and Peerguardian Lite users were recommended from around 2008 on to switch to Peerblock.

The system is also capable of blocking custom ranges, depending upon user preferences.

The Windows version of this program has been discontinued in favor of other applications (Phoenix Labs encourage current Peer Guardian users to migrate to Peer Block which is based on Peer Guardian 2 Development on Peer Guardian started in late 2002, led by programmer Tim Leonard.

Peer Guardian Linux (pgl) is a privacy oriented firewall application.