Updating html in wordpress

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You should be able to as long as your web host offers the option to customize a 404 page for your site.You’ll need to check with your web host for any requirements (such as what to name the HTML file).

Once you have your page’s HTML, you’ll need to get it on your site.

Word Press has it’s own Maintenance Mode it goes into when it performs a core, themes or plugins updates.

The picture above shows what you see when Word Press is performing these updates.

The most notable addition is a dedicated Custom HTML widget.

The Custom HTML widget works similar to the Text widget in Word Press 4.7 and below.

You’ll need an FTP username and password, which you can typically find in your c Panel dashboard.

Otherwise, you may need to reach out to your web host’s support team to get your FTP credentials.

How you do so depends on your site’s specific setup, but you can learn about the most common options below.

The most common way to publish a page as HTML is to upload it to your server using an FTP client (such as File Zilla, Cyberduck, or Transmit).

Today I’m going to show you how to customize the default maintenance message page which says “” to a custom html page and even how to collect emails on this page while your site is down.

To create a custom maintenance message for Word Press you simply need to create a file called and upload this file to the root of your wp-content folder.

(Learn how to ftp into Word Press) This page will now be used when Word Press is performing updates to your site.

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