Updating flash websites

10-Apr-2020 13:46 by 4 Comments

Updating flash websites - help online dating

One of the most common methods of infection that cybercriminals use is exploit kits.

It will die also in 2020 as its makers will pull support from it. You, me and millions of other people in the world use Flash Player.

Realistically speaking, chances are, as another platform will become the go-to solution for developers, it will suffer the same fate as Flash.

But let’s see how things actually work: The more complex software gets, the more security holes it has. This is a simple version of how things happen in real life: A vulnerability or more are discovered.

Translation: vulnerabilities in the code provide cyber-criminals with the opportunity to infiltrate their own code into the victims’ computers.

From there, they can do pretty much what they want, including collecting your login data, your credit card information or encrypting your computer and asking a hefty ransom.

(And you should protect yourself, not wait for Flash to die its natural death). And they spell trouble when it comes to cybersecurity.

These apps and technologies are constantly exposed to vulnerabilities which turn into cyber threats which, more often than not, turn into fully-blown cyber attacks.The vulnerability was exploited to embed malicious Flash content in Office Documents who then were spread via email.According to Fire Eye, the malicious group taking advantage of this vulnerability was Group 123, of possible North Korean origins. If you’re not using Heimdal PRO to automatically update your apps, we highly recommend you apply the Flash patch yourself as soon as possible.Particularly concerning is the fact that PDFs are prime malware infection sources. And these types of threats can sometimes be combined to incur even more damage.For a long time, Flash has been the platform of choice.Adobe created Flash (formerly called Macromedia Flash and Shockwave Flash) as a platform that allows developers to create vector graphics, animation, browser games, rich Internet applications, desktop applications, mobile applications and mobile games.