Updating etch to lenny

31-Mar-2020 20:57 by 10 Comments

Updating etch to lenny - Everett wa webcams girls

All went well, until suddenly the package upgrade hung while installing new udev configuration files.

updating etch to lenny-80

The problem was apparently that Lenny’s libnns_ldap tried to connect via LDAPS to port 389, while LDAPS uses port 636 by default.

I should probably also fix my so that applications don’t start to hang if the LDAP server is unreachable…

In spite of this problem, the whole upgrade was done in less than 1 hour.

The upgrade tools and process are quite reliable, but a hardware failure in the middle of an upgrade could result in a severely damaged system.

The upgrade process itself does not modify anything in the /home directory. parts of the Mozilla suite, and the GNOME and KDE desktop environments) are known to overwrite existing user settings with new defaults when a new version of the application is first started by a user.

You should take a backup of your Debian Etch system (you can find some suitable tutorials for this in the Backup category), just in case something goes wrong (but the upgrade worked fine for me).

Before we upgrade to Lenny, we install the latest updates for Etch.That system is only used to store back-up files from other systems, so it would not be a problem if that machine was off line for a couple of hours.According to the release notes, you should rather use aptitude instead of apt to upgrade, so that’s what I did.I was playing around with Ubuntu and several other distros before to Debian, and all of them automatically notified /downloaded newer versions of software. Auto-update is not such a good idea One day a package will get updated which will turn your system unstable, and you're going to be left clueless as to what's different. IIRC, in Gnome, it will not update automatically however, whenever you login the Gnome desktop, ever once in a while a small message box will pop-up at the top right of the top panel bar notifying you of new updates and you have to click on them to update - manually. It is probably not a good idea to have updates installed automatically, downloading them is no problem.Now, what you probably want is a tool that will let you know when an update is available. As a precaution, you may want to make a backup of the hidden files and directories (“dotfiles”) in users' home directories.

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