Updating election results

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All percentages have been rounded to the nearest whole number.Results are not final until certified by individual county election boards.

And second, in re-reading explanations from Trump’s primary supporters about why they backed him, one thing that stands out to me is their anger at the political system, a point Lynn Vavreck made as well.Given Trump’s victory, being an outsider may have trumped an ideology that some might see as extreme.As of current vote counts, the number of voters who cast ballots for candidates other than Clinton and Trump exceeds Trump’s winning margin — or lead, in races that haven’t yet been called — in many important states, including Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.We hope you’ll continue to join us on a regular basis. That means he’ll be the first Republican to win an electoral vote in New England since 2000.He’s the first to win an electoral vote in any New England state other than New Hampshire since 1988.But don’t pin Trump’s win on those voters who eschewed the two major candidates.

Not all of them would have voted for Clinton had they been forced to choose only between her and Trump. Far more Democrats in Florida in 2000 voted for George W. Any politician who wins a primary is going to gain support for lots of reasons.But as we are figuring out the reasons for Trump’s unexpected success, don’t discount the number of Republicans who saw politics as deeply broken — and saw a businessman and outsider as an answer. These are unofficial results, received from the State Election Board.Results will be updated continuously throughout the evening until all precincts have been reported.Still, he ran 16 percentage points ahead of Clinton in the presidential race in Missouri.

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    I would add some more to it: The workaround is to use strcmp() or ===.