Updating blackberry address book

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Now you could guess how to enable address book option and restore in Blackberry desktop manager.1) Remove the Blackberry device from connected computer.2) Go to Contacts/Address Book, press menu button and select options.

When you synchronize your Black Berry with a desktop application, you ensure that your contacts list is always up to date, and create a backup in case your Black Berry is damaged, lost or stolen.

Desktop Manager will synchronize your contacts with your desktop application.

If there are any conflicts between your Black Berry contacts and the contacts in your desktop application, the Desktop Manager will notify you of the contacts and help you resolve them.

Once you have installed it, connect your Black Berry to the PC via USB cable, and launch the application. If you are using Microsoft Outlook, choose the Outlook profile that you want to synchronize your contacts with from the drop-down menu, and then click Next.

Click Finish on the Address Book Setup Finish window to save your settings, and then click OK on the Intellisync Setup window.

Remove the tick to disable wireless sync for contacts and save the changes.3) Connect back the device to computer.

Now address book option will be enabled in Blackberry Desktop Manager where you can select and restore your address book entries/contacts only.4) After the restore, disconnect the device from computer and enable back the wireless sync option which you did in step 2. Now your device will have the restored contacts, it will start sync with your email service provider and updates your contacts.

, complete the following tasks in the specified order: Task 1Disable wireless synchronization.

Note: If wireless contact synchronization is enabled, the address book database will be read-only and unable to be deleted.

Follow these instructions to synchronize your Black Berry contacts with your PC.

And if you have a Black Berry Priv, which runs on Google's Android operating system, then check out ' How to Import Android Phone Contacts from Your Computer' guide by If you have not installed the current version of Black Berry Desktop Manager, download it from RIM and install it on your PC.

I had to do this step to one new blackberry device which was missing some of the contacts from previous device.