Updating asus linux

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Updating asus linux - sample effective internet dating ad

Then when the machine is fully booted, one can copy the settings with the command.

For example one could enable the BIOS to start the watchdog on boot on a number of remote machines.For example IBM provide various tools to update their xseries servers, and I've used these successfully since 2003.Also Dell are starting to provide desktop and server tools, and also a live CD for flashing the BIOS.More recently I've used it to update other systems, and have had no problems at all.This small utility is easy to compile, or install from the "flashrom" package on your distro.There is however a generic utility to both read and write the various flash chips found on systems, called flashrom.

I used this to great effect in 2004 (when it was called flash_and_burn) to remotely update Intel 82802AC flash chips.The obvious problem with this is obtaining DOS bootable media for the system, especially since floppy drives are thankfully a thing of the past.Dell used to support this method with the biosdisk project, and here is a more generic solution for creating DOS boot media. I haven’t got any “at the wall” readings for single card installs. You can find out which memory chip your GPU uses by using GPU-Z quite easily: Below is a link to the bios roms for this cardhttps://anorak.tech/t/asus-rx-570-expedition-oc/4981After flashing with the card with the rom Anoraks_Asus RX 570 Expedition 4GB Elpida_powersave-1500.rom, rate improved by 5MH/s to Right since I was testing this card with all my other cards, GPU-Z reports between 86W – 100W power consumption using the Anorak rom.It automatically detects the type of flash ROM on your system, so usage is also simple as demonstrated below: Another open source program you may find useful as a reference is uniflash.

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