Updating apple tv

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Here’s how to update your Apple TV with your PC or Mac. Then you’ll see the Apple TV Software Update progress at the top of i Tunes. Unplug it from your computer and reconnect it to your TV.

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Should this happen to you, you will need to check for updates manually and this tutorial will teach you how to do just that.

Step 1: To check for updates, go to Settings → System → Software Updates and select Check for Update. You can then choose Download and Install to start downloading.

Updating tv OS is most easily achieved through the Apple TV itself by doing the following, you’ll need the device to have an active internet connection for the tv OS update to download and install properly.

The latest Apple TV updates easily through an Over the Air mechanism on the Apple TV itself: Another approach is to update tv OS manually through IPSW via i Tunes, a USB cable, and a computer, but that’s a bit more technical and rarely necessary, thus whenever possible you should rely on the automatic update feature of tv OS, or update manually through the Apple TV Software Update mechanism as shown above.

When OS updates are released, your Apple TV usually displays a message that prompts you to upgrade.

The steps for installing that update, or how you go about checking for updates, depends on what model Apple TV you have.You can update through the Apple TV interface, or for a fast and clean upgrade – use i Tunes on your PC or Mac.The easiest way to update, is use the Apple TV interface. If you want to have a clean restore and update, connect it to your computer and use i Tunes instead.Like its predecessor, the fourth-generation Apple TV will put up a message when a software update is available.Sometimes, the notification may get delayed, or not show up at all.Choose Download and Install to start the update process.

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