Updating 2 tables

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Updating 2 tables - Sexchat3d

How do you manage that with the Update Statistics task?

updating 2 tables-23

The data or information for the database are stored in these tables.

This DMF tracks modifications, and also tells us how many rows were in the table when statistics were last updated, and the date statistics were updated. Sales Order Detail, and then look at the output from the DMF, you can see that the modification counter matches the number of rows I changed* for the Product ID index: USE [Adventure Works2012]; GO UPDATE [Sales].[Sales Order Detail] SET [Product ID] = [Product ID] WHERE [Product ID] IN (921,873,712); GO SELECT [so].[name] [Table Name], [ss].[name] [Statistic Name], [ss].[stats_id] [Statistic ID], [sp].[last_updated] [Last Updated], [sp].[rows] [Rows In Table When Updated], [sp].[rows_sampled] [Rows Sampled], [sp].[modification_counter] [Number Of Modifications] FROM [sys].[stats] [ss] JOIN [sys].[objects] [so] ON [ss].[object_id] = [so].[object_id] CROSS APPLY [sys].[dm_db_stats_properties] ([so].[object_id], [ss].stats_id) [sp] WHERE [so].[name] = N'Sales Order Detail'; GO *You’re correct, I technically didn’t change Product ID to a new value, but SQL Server doesn’t know that.

Also, there’s a foreign key on that column which is why I can’t easily change it a random number.

That sounds good, but the caveat is that only one (1) row has to have changed.

If I have a table with 2,000,000 rows, and only 5 rows have changed, I really don’t need to update statistics.

In SQL Server 2016 you can configure the Rebuild Index task so that it only rebuilds an index if a certain level of fragmentation exists.

Therefore, some of your indexes will rebuild (and thus have statistics updated) and some will not (and not have updated statistics).

I need to duplicate a bunch of rows, while changing one value.

If the number of columns is large, you could copy the data you want into a temporary table, alter the data in the temporary table as you wanted, then copy the contents of the temporary table back into the original, and delete the temporary table.

The other method is to use UPDATE STATISTICS in a scheduled job.

The UPDATE STATISTICS command can be run for individual statistics or for a table (updating all statistics for a table).

In terms of updating statistics you have multiple options, including: For systems that do not have a full-time DBA, one of the easiest methods for managing statistics is the Update Statistics Task.

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