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I will introduce myself better and send you my pictures as soon as i receive your mail. Kristen [email protected]) .......................................................... After we shared the money, i got a share of $3,700,000 ( Three Million, Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars), US Government has ordered relocation of my team to another US military base located at boarder in between Jordan and Syria, after ISIS launch attack at Ein al-Asad Us military base Iraq, so i need your assistance to evacuate my share of the money out of this country (Syria) to your own country. I am soliciting on you to keep it safe on my behalf till i come over to your country, It's clear to me that you might be scared of this proposal, but i want to let you know that i have made solid arrangements with a Security Cargo Company that specialize on diplomatic delivery and they have promised to deliver the fund through diplomatic method to any of my choosing destination.Write through my official e-mail ([email protected]) Regards, Capt. This delivery is going to be handle legally by the Security Cargo Company and there will be no form of risk in the process and the money will be sealed and pack safely as a diplomatic cargo and it will be deliver to you in your country by a Diplomat.

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Please contact me through my private email address, ( [email protected]) not in this site because i don't normally come here often.I have decide to compensate you with 38% of the total money once after the money is delivered to you, while the rest balance shall be my investment capital in your country wish you will assist me.Please i need your assurance that if this money is delivered to you,that you are going to be trustworthy to keep the money safe till i arrive to your country to meet you, then we will plan on how to live our life and investment with it.Note: that the diplomat does not know the contents of the box for security reasons, below is contact information of the Security Logistics Company.. PHOTO VICTIM - "Do not confront the owner of the pictures, as they are victims themselves! [email protected] kgriest: Kristen [kgriest] Activity: 16 hour(s) ago female, 28, harthford, United States. Kristen Griest, from Connecticut United States of America.please contact them now, tell them your name and the country, that you are the right person to receive the Load by Capt. The name of the delivery company and Contact are below, A. U Cargo Company LLC Ajman P.o box 91003, 3 Gharnatah Street Ajman. Tel: 971523986774 Email: [email protected]@Website: Department: Mr. Kristen M Griest Confronting the scammer is WRONG!!! You will only serve to further the terror and harm ! I'm a military officer currently serving in US military Base camp in Syria, I picked interest on [email protected]), so I can explain to you more on my intention of contacting you, Regard Capt. Dear, Thanks for your Email, Well am Special Force Team U. The US Military Base is located north of the Euphrates River, three miles from the town of Rawah, along a major route that connects the Syrian border to roads leading north toward Mosul and east to Baghdad.

Kristen Griest SKYPE --, From Orange, Connecticut, United States, I am US Army Special force at Ein al-Asad Us military base Iraq, I picked interest on you after going through your nice profile, I will like to establish mutual friendship with you. Kristen Marie Griest, From United States, I am US Army Special force at Ein al-Asad Us military base Iraq, I will like to establish mutual friendship with you.i will send you details about me, My email address is, (Capt. i want you to know that we are being attacked by insurgents everyday and car bombs here in Syria. during our rescue mission assignment for a Jordanian Pilot (hostage) at ISIS Oil Facility, there was a particularly brutal firefight in Raqqa, ISIS’s capital in Syria, after defeating them, i came across a two crest box that contain huge amount of money that belongs to the sponsors and supporter of ISIS, which i believe that the money was meant for buying of weapons and ammunition's, so we agreed by 9 Army officer on that rescue mission that the money will be enclosed and be shared among all of us.

Abdul Mohammed Please let me know if contact the company, I will be waiting to receive the positive update as soon as you contact the company. I will like to establish a mutual friendship with you.

I will introduce myself better and send you my picture as soon as i receive your mail. Kristen Griest Marie at [email protected] njehus Tôi là một: Nữ , 30 tìm kiếm: Nam Thành phố: NEW YORK, NY, United States Về Nhớ: I am Kristen Griest, a United States Army officer from united state of America CHAT Hello it's a pleasure to meet you.

Kristen Griest , I am a United State female Army officer, from united state of America, am supportive and caring, looking forward to get a nice friend .165 BENIN_TELECOMS Bloc Lease-Line and ressource BENIN TELECOMS ADJIBOLA Abdoul-Akim 01 B. RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL TF Real name Kristen Gender Female Join Date 24/01/2016 Message Hello Dear Friend.

I got your information in your profile in the twoofaces.com, Listen I am Kristen Griest, a US army working under the peace keeping force in Syria, presently.

Conclusively,i wish you could send me a reply immediately in regards to this proposal,your urgent reply will be highly appreciated before we relocated. I Wait to receive your acceptable reply as soon as you read this letter. I want to say a big thank you for making out time to write to me again, the contents of your letter is well understood, I do not want to see this agreement as something that will take issue for you, but I want you to trust and believe me when I say that there is nothing to worry about in this, honestly I did all necessary measures that will lead to the safe delivery of cash to you without any kind of problem or risk. Once i am done with my official assignment, I will come to meet you one on one in your country, and after that we will have to decide how to carry on with our lives, but for now, please, I appreciate us to be more attention to this issue. Sweetheart, Greetings from the Ein al-Asad Us military base Iraq, how are you today?

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