Understanding women the definitive guide to meeting dating

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Understanding women the definitive guide to meeting dating - Free nude video chats no sign ups or credit cards

The game, just like nature, is amoral and unless you want to be celibate you have to play.What you’re playing for is sex and affection from women.

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4) Always Be Ready If you want to always be closing you need to always be looking good, smelling good and have your phone on you no matter where you’re going.

Act like a confident, strong man and that’s what you’ll become.

3) Always Be Closing That means always be closing new women.

You might not like the rules but you need to respect them.

You need to recognize that you either play or get played and you need to play by the rules if you want to succeed.

That could be through multiple women or through a monogamous relationship but the rules are the same.

With that said, learning how to be a player doesn’t mean you should play with a girl’s emotions.

You need to act as if and eventually the behaviors will solidify.

Mick Jagger wasn’t always Mick Jagger, he used to be a skinny English prep school boy until he decided he was going to be the world’s biggest rockstar and started to act like it.

You can be and you should be honest about what you want.

Not just because it’s the right thing to do but it’s what men do, you set your terms and she can either accept them or leave.

Here are the 29 laws you need to follow to keep your game air tight: 1) Have A Player Mindset To learn how to be a player, the first thing you need to do is start thinking like a player.