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As news of Kazdaghli's legal victory spread across the Manouba campus, students and faculty gathered in an assembly hall to celebrate.The meeting opened with the singing of Tunisia's national anthem.

Why is a rumpled, bespectacled professor of modern Tunisian history with a toothy grin and mop of silver hair being featured on a Muslim "blacklist"?

Four ultraconservative hunger striking women students of the Manouba Arts and Humanities raise one finger to mean "There is only one god" in an apartment outside the university, near Tunis on Jan. (AP)After a trial lasting more than a year, on May 2 Habib Kazdaghli, dean of the faculty of letters, arts, and humanities at the University of Manouba, outside Tunis, was acquitted of charges that he slapped a veiled female student. Instead, the court found guilty the two women who had invaded Kazdaghli's office and thrown his books and papers on the floor.

The women claimed to be protesting their suspension from the university for refusing to remove their full-face coverings, known as niqabs, during class lectures and exams.

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Before being assassinated, Chokri Belaid was one of the 40 lawyers defending Kazdaghli.

"I'm number two on the list of people to be assassinated," Kazdaghli told me, when we last spoke at the university in April.Fabulous babes spread their legs in front of horny studs, who want a bit of those younger juicy cunts. Here you can find beautiful girls wearing all kinds of lingerie, sexy pantyhose, panties, bra and bikini.The court sentenced the women to suspended four-month and two-month jail sentences for damaging property and interfering with a public servant carrying out his duties.Their lawyer said the women would appeal, and Tunisia's minister of higher education -- overruling Kazdaghli and setting him up for another round of conflict -- announced that veiled students would be allowed to take their final exams.Young and beautiful babes of 18 and 19 years of age have their tight teen pussies nailed with the hardest dicks of their wonderful lovers.

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