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Like all methods of legal discourse, it must evolve and adapt to the age in which we live.

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People often point to “sharia law” as being another “main source” of deducing the illegality of homosexual conduct.

It’s very concerning that Gigi is saying her passport has been updated to reflect her gender, and not what she was assigned at birth, and yet she’s being detained. opened up about how she was forced to miss a flight when an Orlando airport decided something about her body seemed “strange.” Too, the TSA in general has been criticized for policies that mark trans bodies as anomalies and cause everything from missed flights to embarrassment to trauma. After being detained and held at the Dubai airport for over 5 hours, this was the moment my baby came to rescue me.

Yesterday was one of the scariest moments of my entire life and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

The Wikipedia page for sharia makes it sound like an ancient and singular set of codified laws that were eventually supplanted by newer (read: better) European models.

But sharia is not a legal system; it is a methodology of legislation used in many systems of civil law across the world.

How you can be denied entry somewhere just because of who you are is seriously disgusting and also very scary. I am now on my way to somewhere much more accepting.

According to the Arab Social Media Report: “Arab Social Media Outlook 2014”, there are over 71 million people in the Arab region utilizes social media.

The Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort and Marina is located on Jumeirah Beach, near to Dubai Marina.

This 5-star resort has 294 guest rooms, 10 restaurants and bars, facilities for conferences and events as well as numerous recreational facilities.

In the UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi record the most number of Facebook users.

This region has become the focus of attention because of incidents that involve abusive behavior of users in the region.

In another study: “Arab World Online 2014”, 91.28 % of Arabs use Facebook, the most popular social network, followed by Google , You Tube, and Twitter.

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