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Turned on and jealous as she imagined her neighbor being diddled so blatantly, barely able to resist the urge to rub herself in sympathy.It was therefore like an electric shock when her husband's hand unexpectedly found her right thigh.

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Leaving her in knee-high red PVC boots and a matching G-string.Although the display was more utilitarian than erotic, Alex still needed to re-arrange himself. For right next to Sophie, a short white skirt had been pushed out of the way and a wrist was visible between a pair of beautiful smooth female thighs. Forgoing discretion, he craned forward to get a better look.But before doing so, he instinctively glanced to his left to see if Sophie, or anyone else, was looking. Allowing his eyes to drift up to the leg owner's heaving chest and beautiful young features, which had an expression of sensual satisfaction. Suddenly a male face popped out from the other side of her, giving Alex a fright.The four rows of movie theater style seats in front of the stage weren't even half full.There were a few old men in the front row, then the group they had followed sitting behind in the second row. But the depressing feel of the place didn't seem to be holding back the loud dance music and high energy movements of the scantily clad nurse that was gyrating on stage.Though it's probably weird and funky and involves an assortment of cartoon characters and school girl uniforms in some way." Sophie chuckled, and was just getting ready to move on when an old man appeared from behind the hanging half curtain and pointed to a ticket vending machine.

"Oh....thank...." she said slowly, bowing her head with each word."Hang on a second," Alex said, holding her shoulder, "Let's check it out. Besides, it's not like we are going to bed any time soon anyway..." "Seriously? "Come on...think about it," he pushed, "you know there is a whole 'under the sheets repressed sex thing' going on in this country on the one hand. They looked like they just wanted to have fun...wholesome sexy showtime fun!And a perverted 'sex is not a big deal so let's film a homemade video with your mother' on the other. Come on...let's check it out, and if you don't like it we will leave, scouts honor." Sophie took a moment. But equally, she had never been to a strip club or sex show, and now that the opportunity was presenting itself, was a tad curious.So..mum is coming to look after the kids, and then..." "Wait, wait, wait," he interrupted, " Japan? " "Oui," she squealed in delight, pushing off the duvet, sitting up, and pulling her blonde hair to one side, "I've booked 4 nights at the Aman Tokyo. Plus, I've already planned some great things to do. Which makes it hard to find somewhere special to have a drink on our last night...before I take you back to the hotel and have my way with you." And he stopped, leaned forward, and kissed her frown away. " they suddenly cried out as they were unceremoniously bumped by a gaggle of youths who hadn't expected them to stop mid-flow on the busy sidewalk.And it's autumn, so the parks will look spectacular..." Her energy was infectious, but Alex couldn't help wondering if such a long journey, and the inevitable jetlag, was worth it. "Sorry," came a polite female apology from the group as it squeezed past them and disappeared down a gap that seemed to have materialized between two tall buildings. Advancing along the uneven cobblestone, the noise from the main street retreating into the distance."You know I've always wanted to go to Japan..." she pouted, unbuttoning her cute J Crew pajama top, "... They are professional companions and entertainers As the group of youths passed under an old looking street lamp, Alex just had time to make out the smiling face of a pretty young thing before she disappeared with her friends into one of the old crooked doorways.

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