Things to do before updating bios

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WEP is so trivial to crack a child with the right (and widely available) tool could do it.

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Here are the first five things you need to do right after powering up your new router.If you need remote access for some reason, it’s a pretty handy feature.For 99.9% of home users, however, there’s very little reason they would need to remotely administer their router from afar, and leaving remote access on simply opens up a point of vulnerability that hackers can take advantage of.Forget simple passwords like thedog20, blackcat, or any of the trivial passwords that Wi-Fi standards used to restrict us to.Passphrases are easier to remember and are harder to crack.Your Wi-Fi’s network name, or SSID, can reveal a lot about the router.

For example, it might be called “Linksys”, which lets outsiders know the manufacturer of your router—making it easier for them to fetch the default login, or check for vulnerabilities on that model.First, you don’t know how long your router was sitting on the shelf, and a new update may have been (and most likely was) released.Second, although not as common as problems on consumer operating systems like Windows, there are exploits and vulnerabilities that crop up in router firmware, so it’s always good to have the latest (and most secure) firmware available.This guide should help you establish a solid baseline level of security.Although we’ve included screenshots showing different settings in different router interfaces, every router is different—please refer to the documentation for your specific router to locate all the settings we refer to throughout this tutorial.A few minutes of tweaking and configuration right after unboxing your new router can save you headaches down the road.