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Through a series of errors by the buglers and misunderstandings by an officer to disengage and consolidate, Askari withdrew to a camp several miles west of Tanga.As soon as Lettow-Vorbeck learned of this, he countermanded the move and ordered a redeployment that was not completed until early morning.

He reinforced the defences (initially only a single company of Askaris) with troops brought in by rail from Neu Moshi, eventually numbering about 1,000 in six companies.

As time passes, the characters develop feelings for each other but having a relationship long-distance is a great challenge for both.

The story of Gwen and Tonton, childhood sweethearts born and raised in the province.

On the morning of 5 November, Force B's intelligence officer—Captain Richard Meinertzhagen—entered Tanga under a white flag bringing medical supplies and carrying a letter from General Aitken apologizing for shelling the hospital.

The streets of Tanga were strewn with dead and wounded.

The 98th Infantry were attacked by swarms of angry bees and broke up.

The bees attacked the Germans as well, hence the battle's nickname.

“Lettow-Vorbeck was able to re-arm three Askari companies with modern rifles, for which he now had 600,000 rounds of ammunition.

He also had sixteen more machine guns, valuable field telephones” and enough clothing to last the Schutztruppe for a year.

Andi, an aspiring fashion designer, is trying to win back her first love slash ex-beau, Max, a surgeon.

Andi thought her plan to win Max's heart will go smoothly, but Max found a new love unto a gay pediatrician named Christian.

They promise to love, marry and be with each other until death do they part. See full summary » The story of five friends - a rich gay lawyer, a closeted security guard, a gay fashion designer, a transgender and a female trying hard singer/events specialist - each of whom has a story to tell about the sacrifices they did in finding true love.