Tamworth dating services

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Tamworth dating services

King Richard II was paraded through the town's streets as a prisoner in 1399, by troops loyal to Henry Bolingbroke (the future Henry IV).When James I visited Stafford, he was said to be so impressed by the town's Shire Hall and other buildings that he called it 'Little London'.

The original settlement was on dry sand and gravel peninsula that provided a strategic crossing point in the marshy valley of the River Sow, a tributary of the River Trent.It was first made of wood, and later rebuilt of stone.It has been rebuilt twice since, and the ruins of the 19th century gothic revival castle on the earthworks incorporate much of the original stonework.Anglo-Saxon women could play powerful roles in society; Æthelflæd's death effectively ended the relative independence of Mercia.Edward the Elder of Wessex took over her fortress at Tamworth and accepted the submission of all who were living in Mercia, both Danish and English.The town was later captured by the Parliamentarians, while a small-scale battle was fought at nearby Hopton.

Stafford later fell to the Parliamentarians, as did Stafford Castle, following a six-week siege.

The town's most famous son is Izaak Walton, author of The Compleat Angler, who was a staunch Royalist.

In 1658 Stafford elected John Bradshaw, the man who judged the trial of King Charles I, to represent the town in Parliament.

Tenements were laid out over the whole peninsula and trade and crafts flourished until the early 14th century, when there was another upset probably associated with the plague of Black Death, which was followed in the mid 16th century by another revival.

In 1206 King John granted a Royal Charter which created the borough of Stafford.

This meant his lands were distributed amongst the followers of William the Conqueror.

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