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Maybe he loves Charlie so much and he's so open to the idea of having a kid that he might be willing to do just about anything to accommodate that. She sometimes doesn't realize, and it's never her fault, it's always because of Briggs' attempts to hide things from her, but she seems to know where he's at even when he's trying to hide, and I think that he just realizes that that's not a common thing just to have happen all the time.

"When it comes to the tape, it's an issue of self preservation. All we know at this point is that Charlie could be pregnant.

Because of the kind of job they do and the kind of lives they have, I thought he would worry more about how a kid would affect those things. Now that I think about that, it's not like they're just working at a movie theater and somebody gets pregnant.

I think it does force him to reevaluate his priorities. She might not know everything about what's going on with Briggs but in some way her intuition always seems to be right on point.

The two of them fought over whether or not it was his place to ask.

("This is How We Do It") When a plane crashed into the sound, Eli helped Lexie run the family center in the cafeteria. ("Unaccompanied Minor") Eli paged Derek when one of Ben's residents punctured the dura on one of his patients during an epidural. ("What is It About Men") Eli was invited to Teddy and Henry's dinner party as Bailey's guest.

("Love, Loss and Legacy") After Bailey connected that his patients all had their drains removed on day three and had a 30% lower complication rate following surgery, she agreed to go on a date with him.

("Adrift and at Peace") He continued to flirt with her at work and try to get her to date him. He left dirty notes for her in a patient chart, but she went with it because it was fun.

I don't know of how good of a Buddhist he is, but he is a Tibetan Buddhist and he's probably starting to think about the law of karma somewhat, and not wanting to make things any worse for himself than they may already be.

However, of course, because it's TV, he's trying to reform himself and there are certain people in the house that kind of need him to show the old flashes of the darker side of Briggs.

Sunjata: Briggs found himself at the beginning of Season 2 really trying to, I wouldn't say necessarily seek redemption, but he's certainly realized by the end of Season 1 that he had crossed so many boundaries and so many lines in his desire to seek revenge for what is now his reluctant heroin addiction, and of course, for the deaths of all those agents as well as the woman that he loved.

Now, at the beginning of Season 2, he's really trying to recover his balance in that way.

However, she hadn't told him about the dinner party because of her feelings for Ben, who had recently started to pursue her again.

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