Sunday telegraph online dating

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Sunday telegraph online dating - regular expression for validating email

The first women telegraphists in England joined the Electric Telegraph Company in the 1850s and such was the demand for these roles that in 1860 the Telegraph School for Women was set up in London to train them.

These young men and women who left farms and fi shing villages to take up this new high-tech profession became unlikely icons and spawned a new genre of fiction: the telegraphic romance.Networks were expensive to set up and much of the fi nancing across the world was done by London bankers.Sir William Fothergill Cooke and Charles Wheatstone put together the fi rst commercial telegraph in 1837.They did so courtesy of the electrical telegraph which, during the last three decades of the 19th century, had revolutionised communication.Messages tapped out by telegraph operators using Morse Code oiled the wheels of business, diplomacy – and romance.This system didn’t use Morse Code, then in its infancy.

Instead it employed needles on a board that could be moved to point to letters.64 - Fleet, Hampshire I like the outdoors hiking, walking and gardening, I'm not complicated I'm a quiet person and a good listener, and relatively shy. 49 - Swindon, Wiltshire I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really, get busy living or get busy dying.I have moved to the UK in 94 to study and after getting married, moved away from London and settled down in...They were identified by a code with no reference to their gender.However, skilled operators could deduce a lot by the way their colleagues tapped out messages, leading to much intrigue and speculation.“It was thrilling for them to be in touch with unknown hands at distant keys,” says Laura Otis, author of Networking: Communicating With Bodies And Machines In the 19th Century.“Intimately connected to the keys and wires that provided their raison d’etre, 19th-century telegraphers viewed their electric tongues and nerves as extensions of their own bodies.’”In this somewhat feverish atmosphere it is not surprising that romances sprang up with some operators teasingly sending messages to unsuspecting colleagues further down the line.“The journey of an email as it hops from server to server mirrors the passage of a telegram from one telegraph office to the next.