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Things you’ve never thought twice about become issues you have to constantly anticipate.

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Yet our eyes began to catch as a momentary indulgence, shelved between misdirected rationalizations. And then someone called him “he” for the first time and it felt correct in a way that “she” never had.It took me three months to tell my mom about the best person to ever happen to me, and my mom is the loveliest, most understanding person in the world.In the past, she had never missed a clue and always seemed to know when I was dating someone, but she totally missed it with Parker.You will hear preachers on the street, or even someone in your life, tell you that nothing you ever do, no good you ever contribute nor successes you achieve, will be enough to cancel out the sin of your own existence.You had always figured you were going to be legally married someday, but now, your boss will ask you if your boyfriend is bringing a ring with him when he moves in with you this summer, and you will smile and laugh it off because he meant it lightheartedly and you don’t want to answer, “Well, we can’t legally marry here, so either we need to change the law or spend thousands of dollars on gender confirmation surgery in order to get his gender marker to be legally male!I was moving 800 miles away in 60 days: how dare we fall in love now, especially after spending years being just a mile away from one another?

The bigger question, however, was that I was unsure of how having a transgender boyfriend would change my identity. Parker wasn’t using male pronouns with most people yet. This was all new to me: I never had to re-evaluate my entire identity and ethical priorities each time I went on a date with a cisgender guy.The first time I met my now-boyfriend, I was wearing pigtails and a German beer girl costume, and he was dressed as Batwoman in heels and a pushup bra.It was the fall of his sophomore and my junior year of college, and he had long hair, a girlfriend and identified as a gay girl.” And my experiences are negligible compared to what people who are visibly queer go through.I retain immense straight privilege, since I read as a cisgender straight woman when I’m not with my boyfriend.I’m fortunate that my company offers full domestic partnership benefits and that there are visibly queer people in upper management—and in our city, as Parker is currently applying for jobs, he can feel reasonably sure that an HR rep won’t disqualify him on the basis of gender identity.