Stop adobe cs4 updating

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Adobe surely didnt intend to exclude such a large part of the consumer market.

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The System Requirements now state Certified for 32-bit version of Windows, which vaguely implies they dont support Vista 64 (but why dont they just say that? There are some tech notes that mention Vista 64 without saying that it is unsupported, and the Read Me explicitly mentions one minor issue with Vista 64 without saying that it is unsupported.For Vista and Windows 7, Adobe requires at least 1 GB, but youll be happier with at least 2 GB.The Organizer keeps a cache of thumbnails for all imported photos, and sometimes that cache gets corrupted thumbnails appear blank, look like a torn page, or contain an hourglass, and sometimes the Organizer crashes.So someone buying PSE could reasonably assume that Adobe supports PSE 7 on Vista.However, at least one person has reported that Adobe Technical Support told them that PSE 7 is unsupported on Vista 64.Microsoft distributes 32- and 64-bit Windows 7 on the same DVD, but who knows what Adobe Customer Support might do.

Adobe has a distribution agreement with Dell to sell PSE 7 preloaded on Dell XPS desktops that have Vista 64 only, implying that Adobe supports PSE 7 on Vista 64, at least on Dells.

Lightroom is marketed to professionals and prosumers with tens of thousands of photos who demand adequate organizational capabilities, whereas Photoshop Elements is marketed to consumers, most of whom do not want or use the Organizer. Hold down the Ctrl, Alt, and Shift keys and click Organize.

The versions to which each FAQ applies are indicated with the notation [PSE 6, 7, 8]. Keep holding down the keys until you see the Catalog window. Select repair anyway even if PSE doesnt find problems. (The documentation says that Optimize merely optimizes the performance of your catalog, but some people have reported that it also enabled catalog conversion to proceed after they initially encountered errors.) If youve changed PSE 6 to start in the Organizer or Editor and thus cant get to the Welcome screen, start the Editor, do Window Start PSE to get to the Welcome screen.

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The Save command gives you the option of exporting all tags are just one particular From File command to import the text file.