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Around 2009, the largest social network in Hungary was not (yet) Facebook, but a site called i Wi W.At its peak, it had 4.5M active Hungarian users (from the total population of 10M in Hungary).

Via a of the current user, and with this guid get profile information, information on friends, and also store a some very limited data.

Meanwhile, i Wi W had almost complete internet penetration in Hungary: out of the 6M connected Hungarians, 4M of them were registered and using the network regularly.

Given the opportunity, the next question was: what From the top 10 apps, 4 were on wall enhancements & messaging, 4 on dating, 1 on movies and 1 on music.

Whatever you could do with the Facebook app platform, you could also do it via Open Soical.

The real key to building a more feature rich application was to put a proper backend behind it to be able to store and serve much more rich data.

I did not have a laptop on me for skiing (it was 2010!

), so I ended up installing an command, which fixed up the database, and the backend was back.

Students enrolling in the first Stanford Facebook Apps class created some Facebook apps used by millions of people.

A few months later some actually sold their apps for a six-figure sum. I missed the train with Facebook apps, never having written one, but was regardless fascinated by the success stories.

I gave mine the very original Jukebox name (in Hungarian: Zene Doboz), and so the coding began.

The inspiration for building Jukebox came from the i Like app on Facebook.

I built a pretty simple app, where people could search Youtube videos, add them to a playlist, and browse songs on their friends' playlist. The backend part ran on a shared hosting instance on Media Temple for /month.